Just the Facts – Ma'am: Completing Your Graduate School Application

Your graduate school application does not have to be long and wordy. Instead it can be providing just the facts as it should. There's no reason to provide more information than requested, and providing too little just looks shady. "Just the facts, ma'am" should be your mantra when filling out these applications.

Get To the Point

If you are like some students, you might be tempted to ramble on for pages about your accomplishments or activities. Just get to the point. There are a lot of these forms coming in, and no one wants to read pages of your bragging. Be honest, but be concise.


Even though you need to get to the point in your application, you also need to make sure it's comprehensive. Include all the required information as possibly as possible. Go over the application a couple of times to make sure that you did not leave anything out. Often people forget to mark a box or fill in a blank. Even such a small mistake can slow down the application process by days or weeks.

Write Your Essay

The hardest part of applying for graduate school is writing the essays. And, it just gets harder the longer you've been out of school. You should try to fill out the rest of the application early so that you will have more than enough time to write a great essay.

Once again, just give the facts in your own voice. Use specific examples. If possible, tell a story instead of just straight facts. It will be a lot more interesting. Still, though, do not ramble. Use active verbs rather than passive ones to make your story more interesting and readable. Just like with the applications, the admissions officers and program directors have to read a lot of essays, so you want your to be the interesting one that they still remember at the end of the process.


Never, ever, ever turn in an essay that you have not proofread particularly when you're applying to a school. If your essay and application include a lot of misspelled words, the program will decide that you're too irresponsible and disorganized to join their school. Ask a teacher or a friend to look over the documents to make sure that everything is correct before you submit your application. After submitting everything, all you have to do is sit back and wait.

Source by Amber C. Smith

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