Employee Recognition Pins – 3 Key Factors That Will Guarantee Your Success

Nowadays, most company award and employee recognition programs include lapel pins. Many businesses, from small to mid-size companies all the way up to corporate organizations use lapel pins as a tool for recognizing their employees.

All of your employees, from administrative and sales personnel and managers and CEOs, will proudly wear their recognition pins on their suits and jackets.

There are several different design options from which to choose when creating your recognition lapel pins. The specific details of the recognition program for your company should be analyzed in order to determine what type of pin will best suit you.

You should be sure to consider the number of recognition awards, frequency of the awards, the general layout of your logo, the practicality of your pin and your company's budget.


The usual size for a recognition lapel pins is somewhere in between 3/4 "to 1". Anything bigger than this will make the pin look 'funny' in someone's suit or jacket.


Using different platings, engraving, or gemstones to symbolize the levels of achievement adds an extra element of appreciation and results in an elegant-looking pin.

Choosing a plating finish is based primarily on what feeling you want the pin to convey. Some logos lend themselves well to using metal plating colors (silver, gold, etc) in the place of the actual logo colors.

Layout & Design

There are several different possible combinations for your design and its results will depend on both the designer (usually provided by your manufacturer) and the freedom to adjust the needs of the client (logo, colors, etc) to the general lapel pin manufacturing process.

The degree of success of your recognition pins will be determined by the right combination of the factors. It is, therefore, very important that you use an experienced recognition and award pins manufacturer that will effectively asses your needs and provide you with the best product that your budget can buy .

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