Direct Sales – How to Get Repeat Customer Orders

When you are with a Direct Sales Company, part of your business success comes from customers placing re-orders with you.

I often hear Direct Sales Consultants saying that it all boils down to customer service. In my opinion, that is only partly true. There are other things that you need to be doing in addition to providing top notch customer service.

Let's look at a few ways that you can get customers, to keep coming back to you for their product orders.

1. Post Sale Follow-Up: Customers want to know they are important to you. It is your job to go out of your way to make sure your customer is satisfied with their first purchase from you. After your customer has received their first purchase, make sure you follow up with them to make sure they are 100% satisfied with their purchase. If not, work promptly to correct it.

2. Company Catalogs: Every time your company changes their catalog, make sure your customers receive a new copy. I find that most of my customers prefer receiving a hard copy of our catalog vs. an online copy. You can do this one of four ways:

a. Mail out a new catalog to your customers via postal mail.

b. Mail out a postcard letting customers know that you now have new catalogs available and how they can request a new catalog from you.

c. Send an email if you have permission from your customers to contact them via email. Let them know a new catalog is available and how they can request a new copy from you.

d. Call your customers up by phone and let them know that you have new catalogs available and ask them if they would like to receive one.

3. Monthly Customer Newsletters: I recommend that you do a monthly newsletter to keep in contact with your customers. You can announce party host specials, customer specials, recruiting specials and new catalog releases. If you are going to do a monthly newsletter, make sure you have some informational content within it. Customers do not want to receive newsletters that are nothing more than spam advertisements.

4. Open Houses: Hold a Open House bi-annual party in your own home or other location. Invite your customers to the party so that they can see and touch new product releases. Offer some refreshments, games with prizes and some product sales specials.

5. Business Cards: Include a business card with all shipments of products. I make all of my business cards into refrigerator magnets and feel that business card magnets yield me better results than just a plain old business card. Customers will put them on the front of their refrigerators which keeps you and your business in front of them.

6. Business Coupons: Offer a coupon with all customer purchases.

Example: Thank you for your purchase! Please take 10% off your next purchase before (date). I find that when you include an expiration date on your coupons, you are more apt to get another order from your customer. Try dating your coupons for 90 days.

7. Re-order Stickers: If you are selling consumable products, purchase some re-order stickers and place them on the packaging of your products. Make sure your contact information is on that sticker.

I think it makes smart business sense to pay attention to the customers that you already have. If your current customers like doing business with you and your company, they will happily refer new customers to you.

Source by Shelly Hill

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