Declined For Life Insurance – Options to Protect Your Home and Family Finances

Have You Been Declined For Life Insurance?

If you have applied, and have been declined or rated up because of a health condition, you may want to consider other options. Keep in mind that the higher the face value of the policy you apply for, the more closely an insurance company will scrutinize you before they offer you a contract. Some companies are reasonably reasonable in their risk assessment, but some companies seem like they look for any reason to decline customers for life policies! You have to wonder if they even want your insurance business!

Look At The Type Of Insurance

Some whole life policies are out there that are designed for older people, and those with pre-existing conditions. They will ask very few health questions, and most people who do not live in a nursing home or have a terminal disease can qualify for them. Another type of life policy, called a guaranteed issue policy, will not ask health questions at all, but simply sets rates based on location and age!

The "catch" with these types of policies is that they will usually have a waiting period before benefits can be paid. For instance, one policy may not pay out the whole face value until the insurance policy has been in force for a set amount of time – say 24 to 36 months. If the insured person passes away before that time, then the policy will revert to paying out premiums paid to the policy, plus some interest rate. Since the policies do pay back premiums, this is still a good deal!

Look At Direct Finance Protection Policies

The US market has just been introduced to a very new type of insurance. This type of insurance is designed to protect your finances in case of a loss of income. It provides life insurance, disability insurance, The insurance has some waiting periods, but no health questions! We found it a very affordable way to protect your finances, mortgage, and credit in case of an unplanned loss of income or expense!

Before you just let your finances get left to chance, and before you attempt to apply for another insurance policy, use a simple online quote form to get information about the best income protection insurance we have found! You will not be under any obligation to buy, but you will know that you have done your best to protect yourself in an uncertain world.

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