Asia'h Epperson on American Idol Season 7 – Who is She and Why Talent Does not Guarantee Success?

Asia'h Epperson

Who is Asia'h Epperson? A young 19 year old girl who was able to capture the hearts of many American audience when she performed "How Do I Live?" in the American Idol Season 7 audition. Her father had just passed away 2 days before the audition but she carried on with the American Idol audition and her emotional rendition of the song even left Paula Abdul in tears.

Many had expected this girl to become the next American Idol. Her voice was extraordinary for her age and the media was all over her stunning audition. But when she was booted out during the voting for the Top 12 contestants, many were shocked. Why did such a talented voice get booted out? If we were really voting for the next singing Diva, she should be in the top 5. There are many Asia'h Epperson fan sites that still hope that she will be invited back for the competition, but that is another article.

Talent Is Over-Rated

Talent is not the first consideration when we choose the American Idol. One may argument that talent comes first while looks rates second. Well, there is more than that. Americans voted on the show based on the spur of the moment. We do not care if one has talent. If the contestant performances below our expected standard that night, she or he will not get our vote. We are that fickle. This happened to Asia'h Epperson. Our expectation had been raised to lofty bars that even she could not reach them. The emotional high that she gave us during the audition can not be attained again so easily but we Americans expect that each and every time. We voted for her when she made us felt good but when we did not get the same high, we left her in the lurch.

Publicity is a Double Edged Sword

The story of Asia'h Epperson and the passing of her father spread like viral over the internet and everyone was searching for her story. It provoked some sympathy for such a young girl but it also led to some of the voters thinking that she was milking the event for the publicity. This could also have turned on her and caused her drop in rankings. Publicity is not always good when you need votes to win.

American Idol is a microcosm of the American society. We have voting based on emotions and we voted based on whether the contantant could make us feel better with OURSELVES. It is always about us and not who we have on stage. Hopefully Asia'h Epperson will be able to make a comeback.

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